Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Conclave for the Aged Gunflighter

I wonder if they'll have an X-Factor style competition for the next pope - Pope-Idol? About time we had another Borgia or Medici back on the papal throne and got enjoyment (and a bit of nepotism) back into what's essentially a thankless job..

Saw a BBC headline yesterday and thought it said 'Pope has Peacemaker' and though; "My God, has the Pope joined the gun lobby?" Realised on closer inspection that he has a pacemaker.

Apropos of yesterday's post about care for the elderly; I was in an ASDA near work in Eastleigh yesterday and was issued with a charity token at the till. On exiting one is given a choice of 3 charities to which said token can be donated. They were the Eastleigh Air Cadets, a local cat and kitten rescue and a local residential care home for the elderly. The cat and kitten rescue had by far the most tokens, the care home had about half that number and the Air Cadets had half that again. Just saying....

Seems like this meat contamination thing may have been going on for some time.


  1. I think they could do a "Strictly Come Poping" special. "And here is Cardinal Ratzio doing a military two-step..."

  2. Have you read Ben Elton's book Chart Throb - an interesting take on the 'pop' idol shows - I could see something along these lines for your 'pope' idol!?