Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Veggie Nonsense

Heard someone on the radio yesterday morning talking about something called a vegetarian sausage. Isn't that what we omnivores call a cabbage?

I heard that the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges is calling for sugary drinks to be taxed at draconian levels in order to prevent obesity. Perhaps the government should tax the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges to see if it shuts them up and stops them spouting nonsense about economic policy.

As for their idea of banning all fast food adverts till after 9pm; I go to bed before between 8:30 and 9 - how the hell am I going to watch them?

Watched Michel Roux on TV last night making a duck burger and mushroom with chips. Food can be made by a chef, but still be the worst heart-attack fodder on the planet and on a par with fast food! Silly Academy of Royal Medical Colleges....

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  1. I remember reading that if you take the Government's standard definition of "junk food" and apply it to mothers' breast milk, it ticks every box.