Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crystal Chandeliers

Overheard in the Caravan:

Chairman: "I see that Martine McCutcheon has had to declare herself bankrupt.

Hay: "But she was in Eastenders for a long time, did a bit of pop music and wrote a best seller, although the book was probably ghost written and you have to pay ghost writers."

Chairman: "If you can see them." 

Managed to get the bedroom chandelier hung yesterday, but the fiasco only went to show how clear instructions should be, and to be present.

Colin (our builder) forgot that we wanted it on a chain, just above head-height. He screwed it directly to the ridge beam, way in the rafters. Got it changed though, which took another couple of hours and a few trips to B&Q.

Once we have it permanently plumbed in, I'll post a photo of it all lit up. To prevent sunburn and a system overload, we had to remove the 12 x 60W candle bulbs and replace with 25W bulbs. What I really want is those silicone dipped bulbs that diffuse the light - but it would appear you can only get them in the USA.

Now for the dining room chandelier - an altogether simpler installation.

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