Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Italian Papal Diet

Italian politics - you've got to laugh!

The 5:2 diet stalled for a while - I had gone from 88kg down to 83kg and seemed to hover there for a week. I put it down to Hay trying to get me to eat 600 calories and more on a 'starving' day and then criticising me for eating normally on a 'normal' day, the result being that I was eating virtually the same amount every day and no actual starvation taking place.

Decided to eat as much as I like on the normal days and eat substantially less than the 600 calorie allowance on the starvation day (a soup and a couple of pieces of fruit). The result is I'm once again making progress and was 82.5kg today with 2.5kg to go (say a couple of weeks) before I reach what I feel is an acceptable target weight.

Saw this job advert yesterday - may apply:


  1. I find fluctuations of a couple of pounds or more the course of a week seem to be unavoidable; usually related to water, stress and exercise (or lack of!); well done though, sounds like you're doing really well.

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  3. Apply for that job Phil. You and Hayley will love living in Rome and you can lord itover 1.5 billion followers.

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