Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Paolo Di Manton

Paolo Di Canio has resigned from managing Swindon Town. What on earth is BBC West going to do without its nightly bulletin on Di Canio, who seems to fascinate the BBC West production team. Rarely a night goes by without the bugger getting a mention in some way, shape or form.

Seems the world and his dog has come out against Hilary Mantel's pronouncements on the Duchess of Cambridge. However, I get the impression none of the commentators (including the Daily Mail - surprise, surprise) actually listened to the lecture Manton gave - at least not the one I listened to. It seems to me that Manton was pitying Kate and the lifestyle she has been shoe-horned into and the fact she has given up the right to an ego in order to satisfy expectation.


  1. If Di Canio was designed by a committee, the committee members should be shot. Never trusted the bugger since he walked out on Sheffield Wednesday.