Friday, 22 March 2013


How is it possible for a 14 year-old boy to go through a pair of school shoes every half term?

Should I buy cheap school shoes, in the certain knowledge they'll be trashed in a few months (and that he's growing), or should I buy him some Grensons in the hope they last at least a couple of terms?


  1. Go for cheap, they'll be considered more fashionable. I still have painful memories of those ghastly brogues my father bought me that I just couldn't wear out no matter how much I shuffled my feet and kicked walls.

  2. If your objective is to minimise your expenditure on shoes, you already have a "unit cost" to work with, i.e. the cost of shoeing your son for one half term. Call this Z. Next time, buy Grensons. Time how long they last in units of "half-terms", say Y. Divide cost of Grensons, say X, by Y. If X/Y< Z, keep him in Grensons. But make sure his feet don't outgrow them before kicking walls destroys them.

    1. Yes, but there's the investment risk. Don't want to end up like Cyprus and Greece!

  3. Let the bugger go to school with no shoes on like we used to.

  4. It's a well established scientific fact that the most destructive force in the universe are 14 year old boys..

  5. For what its worth I'm with Alan and agree fully with Steve.. knowing him he would rather have a game console, so with that in mind cross the cost of that against good shoes and if it looks good get the games console... he will be so engrossed in it he will not realise you send him off to school in bare feet... Next he will be wanting a razor like his old man....