Sunday, 17 March 2013

Overheard at the Tip - Economically

The Chairman is on a run to the Yate municipal tip in order to dump some rubbish from the house, including a couple of bags of superfluous K-Rend.

The Chairman is staggering under the weight of a bag of said K Red, which has split in his hands and running out.

1st Council Tip Operative: "Not there mate, over in the skip."

Chairman: "Oh, OK."

The Chairman staggers about 30 yards to the skip and throws the bag in..

Council Tip Operative: "No bags mate."

Chairman: "Too late - MATE!."

The Chairman hears that the majority of people in the UK have little faith in Chancellor Osborne's financial policies. Given the majority doesn't even have a clue as to what they are, I'd say that's not necessarily a bad thing in itself.

I guess they see their incomes being hit - but isn't that exactly what he said he'd do before the election in order to reduce the deficit? Isn't reducing expenditure what everyone who is overdrawn does? Doesn't exactly come as a surprise, but apparently it does - especially to those who voted Conservative.

The Chairman also sees the government is to investigate claims of a rip-off culture in energy companies. By all accounts they are set to make £110 profit from every UK household - that's about 10% profit. Retail in general is 7%-12%, manufacturing is around 7% and telecoms is 10%-15%. I wouldn't exactly call 10% a rip-off.

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