Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Victor Meldrew Has a Point

I simply don't believe people can be so stupid as to complain that the new £1,200 childcare allowance for mothers who want to work discriminates against stay-at-home mothers. That's like saying the state pension discriminates against young people! I just don't believe it!

I suppose the government's thinking is that they can recoup the dosh from the extra tax revenue from the working mum, but that pre-supposes the labour market can absorb these extra workers and they don't replace more expensive workers already in the workforce. Unintended consequences, etc...

As for the freedom of the press thingie - if the press concentrated on reporting news in a factual manner I don't think anyone would have an issue with the freedom of the press; however, journalism is now one notch  below prostitution as a career aspiration. Occasionally helping Hayley with her newspaper delivery round I get to see most of the headlines, and they are generally inaccurate, shoddily written, misleading and serve no purpose but to reinforce the stereotype of the readership or to function as a party political mouthpiece. 

Take the Daily Mail - I don't believe for a minute that Paul Dacre believes any of the drivel he publishes, but he knows full well that the average, lobotomised Daily Mail reader laps up the xenophobic, fascist, Edwardian-tinted Olde-England crap he prints.

Newspapers are not there to bring evil people to book - they are businesses having the sole aim of increasing the readership and maximising profitability - and scandal (whether real or made up) sells. So long as the penalties are outweighed by the increased profits, they will continue to harass innocent people and pry into the lives of whosoever they wish.

Just because they - very rarely - turn up some genuine skull duggery, that should not give them carte blanche to trample over private lives. Put a teaspoon of water into a bucket of sewage and it's still sewage; put a teaspoon of sewage into a bucket of water and it's also sewage.


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  4. "That's like saying the state pension discriminates against young people! "
    Sorry, Bill. That's a false analogy. Women have a choice as to whether or not they work or stay at home. We have no choice about growing older. It's happening all the time.