Sunday, 10 March 2013

Moisture Overheard in the House.

Went to Aldi in Thornbury yesterday for our weekly shopping. Looked at the fresh steaks which had a use-by date of a week hence. Just next to them were "30 day aged steaks". How do they explain that then?

This sell-by and use-by date thingie is a load of crap - just use your nose to smell if it's off, like your mum did.

Looked at their cat food too - I think I'm going to launch a charity to teach cats to read, as the label said it  was 82% 'moisture' and only 4% meat. Surely if there was water in it they would say water - the mind boggles at what 'moisture' means in food industry-speak. Phlegm, possibly? The rest of it is ash, of all things, and a bit of fibre to hold the phlegm together.

No bloody wonder our cat is continuously hungry - the damned thing in malnourished! It would get 14 times more meat by eating British sausages, which contain only 56% meat at best.

It's scandalous! I shall write to my MP...

OK - here's the house as it stood yesterday - a few things to finish yet. It's in full Sodbury-Vision, with Sodbury-Surround-A-Sound!


  1. Thought for the day

    eat cat food on your skinny days.. works for the cat !


  2. Enough bloody oak to build a 100 gun ship of the line