Saturday, 16 March 2013

TV Adverts

An advert on TV last night was urging me to adopt a tiger. A tiger, for God's sake - where the hell do they expect me to keep one of those?

I'm a bit annoyed at all these broadband adverts that go to such great extent to tell me I can get a gazillion megabits per second free for 6 months and then tuppence a month, then right at the end they tell me I have to pay £1,000,000 a month line rental as an aferthought. As if I'd miss that! Ofcom should make them average out the cost of their nefarious contracts over the term and give an average all-inclusive price per month. It's senseless to say that's impossible because the ISP doesn't know how much anyone's phone usage will be, as no-one I know ever uses their land-line phone in these days of more monthly mobile minutes than they can use in a lifetime. People simply don't talk anymore!

No.1 son wants me to take him to a Chinese supermarket in Bristol today - probably wants to buy some tiger bone medicine....

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