Monday, 25 March 2013


Had to deliver the papers for Hay this morning, as she's away for a couple of days up north.

Most of the dailies had something predictable on the front page; 

  • Daily Mail = crackdown on immigration; 
  • Times = Berezovsky and Cyprus; 
  • Telegraph = relaxation in planning laws; 
  • Sun = some tart in a bikini;
  • Racing Post = the going is hard, etc.

The one that threw me was the Daily Express - that colossus of investigative reporting - had headlines telling us that it's going to be a cold Easter (no shit, Sherlock) and that Carol Vorderman has broken her nose.

Need I say more?


  1. Just think yourself lucky you were able to deliver them. Nothing can get up or down our road. The last newspaper I saw had headlines about the Olympic Games. The car vanished under a snow drift a week ago and I have not seen it since. You don't know you are born down there in the south.

  2. Try disabling anonymous comments rather than installing word verification - it usually does the trick.