Thursday, 7 March 2013


Was watching an item on the local news last night about some hospital that's in line for a face-lift. One of the passers by being interviewed said: "It's old, tired and rather dowdy - it needs a facelift." The irony of her looking old, tired, dowdy, toothless and in need of a make-over was totally lost on her. People who live in glass houses, etc.

Also heard the Milliband (the adenoidal one) on a Labour Party Political broadcast saying: "We need to curb immigration from Eastern Europe," when his own parents were immigrants from Poland and Belgium. Irony?

Juxtaposed BBC News Headlines demonstrating irony:

Cable suggests 'more borrowing'. The government may need to borrow more to fund capital spending if the UK's economy is to recover, Business Secretary Vince Cable suggests. 

Payday lenders told to improve. The UK's top payday loan companies are given 12 weeks to change their behaviour after a study finds evidence of "widespread irresponsible lending".

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  1. Oh Bill I watch The labour party talk last night too. 'We got it wrong'

    Did they just ... I think we could've all told them that even at the time it was happening. The people they let in were the ones who took the jobs from our schoolleavers who didn't go on the uni or college who left the schools with no qualification. The lower pay jobs.

    God only knows what will happen with the next lot that come. The trouble is no one will want to leave now they are here, only the English seem to want to go and seek their fortune elsewhere :-)
    I worked with a lot of Polish who complained when they went back home their country who full of Russians... 'Hmm' said I, 'I know how you feel.'
    But the best one was when one said to me 'When I first came here I heard only English voices everywhere I went, now I hear only Polish.'
    I had to smile:-)