Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Knorr Knuckle-Heads

Spotted yet another stunningly stupid advert last night - Knorr Stockpots instant gravy.

The bloke doing the voice-over (dressed like a chef, but obviously an organic chemist) said his inspiration came from home cooked beef and gravy made with real meat juices. The ad then went on to show someone pouring this erzats gravy over - you guessed it - a plate of roast beef. 

Now if someone had made a roast - and it was the real, pink-in-the-middle variety and not the grey/brown frozen meal type - why on earth would they spend 3 minutes making erzats gravy when they had the real gravy already in the roasting pan that needed nothing more than a bit of wine or water (which also needs to be added to the fake stuff) and a little thickening agent.

Perhaps it's targeted at the brain-dead, who don't realise you can make a real gravy quite easily?

1 comment:

  1. I remember once seeing a box of pancake mix that said, 'simply add egg and milk.'