Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The BT Man Commeth

Had the BT man come to install the broadband on Monday. The notification said any time between 1pm and 6pm. I just knew it would be a care of several return calls, as it involved stringing a cable from our pole to the house and a lot of buggering about. The guy would probably arrive thinking all he had to do was connect a couple of wires.

Come 5pm he still hadn't shown up and I was giving up hope, but surprise, surprise, at 6pm on the nose he turned up all jovial and laughing. I'll give him his due, he knuckled down like a Trojan and got on with stringing up the tightrope, but as he didn't have a cherrypicker he couldn't finish the job. However, he was clambering up and down ladders in freezing conditions while illuminating the work area with a miner's lamp strapped to his safety helmet. He even gave me advice on my satellite dish, as he used to be a Sky installer.

When finished he said someone else would follow up to effect the final connection with a cherrypicker and install a master box. I guessed this would be where I'd have obligatory 2 week wait - but no - the next morning the cherrypicker gang arrived and by midday I was fully connected.

The equipment came with a set of Powerline plugs, which turn your electrical ring-main in to a LAN. I now have the printed connected into the Powerline and am able to print wirelessly from my laptop, anywhere in the house.

Good job, BT - well done!

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