Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Medication Probability

You know how when you open a packet of pills the law of averages inexplicably fails and you always manage to open it at the wrong (the one with the folded over list of instructions / nasty side effects) and have to turn the packet round? Opened 4 new packets of medications yesterday and managed to get the correct end on 3 of them. What are the chances of that happening again? - the odds are phenomenally against it

Not long to go now as far as the house is concerned - we put some furniture in over the weekend. Yet to be done are:

  • The wood burner chimney (today or tomorrow) and inserting a ventilation air-brick,
  • Hoicking the range into place,
  • Final visit by the electrician to hook up a few more lights and the range,
  • Fabrication of a 2 metre, stainless steel cooker hood / extractor fan,
  • Plugging all the gaps on the oak,
  • Connecting a Calor gas supply for the separate gas hob.

Got to get this...

...into here...

...and get the dining table into where I'm standing to take the photo.


  1. that is exactly as it is with tablet packets - it happens so often I was beginning to wonder if they were all packed by a left handed machine

    1. Mike - it's a law of physics, I'm certain. The laws of probability are suspended as far as pill packets are concerned.

      Might place bets with people and instead of flipping a coin, I'll use a pill packet, knowing what the outcome will be...

  2. Matched only by the chances of accessing one of those plastic sealed items without the use of a chainsaw and chisel...