Sunday, 2 June 2013

Falling News Standards & Power

Watching the BBC news is becoming more like reading a tabloid newspaper.

20 years ago the Lee Rigby story and the April Jones story would have comprised perhaps a minute, with just the facts being reported: these days we see cameras thrust into the faces of the unfortunate families who have lost loved ones and they are paraded in front of journalists. 

These people are grieving - can't the news organisations just leave them alone? The fact they are suffering anguish is blindingly obvious, but not a newsworthy story. News organisations used to report facts, now they are complicit in stoking up emotion - that's tabloid land.

Talking of Lee Rigby - can anyone tell me why his killers are being prosecuted under terrorism legislation when we have perfectly adequate laws against murder?

Our solar PV has finally gone positive with respect to the electricity we've been using up and we're now making hay while the sun shines.

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