Thursday, 6 June 2013

Overheard in the Raumergarden Hotel

Staying at the Raumergarden Hotel outside Oslo with my Senior VP from Israel. Nice place too, but damnably expensive (in fact, everywhere in Norway is hideously expensive).

SVP, talking to lady chef: "Could you do me some soup? I'm not having the asparagus, so perhaps you could make some soup for me - I must have soup with a meal."

Chef (voice laden with irony): "I can take some of the asparagus, boil it to death and then mash it to make you some soup...."

Beautiful place and one of the best meals I've ever had. Husband and wife team (she runs the kitchen and he runs front-of-house). Set menu of 3 courses (no choice) for about 20 covers, who are mainly here for corporate conferences. The set menu ensures no waste and a decent profit.

Mussel fritters and salmon in a foam.

The most tender, grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, green beans, butternut puree, chanterelles and a potato terrine.

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  1. They clearly didn't rinse the top plate properly, it still has washing up bubbles on it!

    Impressive wine list though, excruciatingly expensive.