Sunday, 9 June 2013

Just Sayin'

I wonder if all the money spent of colliders that smash particles into other particles is worth the effort. I mean, if the object is to spend squillions to accelerate a particle to near light speed, why not just use a torch, which emits particles already travelling at light speed?

I'm a tad wary of governments that spy on their own citizens in order to "protect" them, and even more suspicious when the necessary legislation is kicked off in a knee-jerk manner by a one-off event, as if they were just waiting for an excuse.

The benefit of democracy is that it aids order, as the majority effectively vote for the laws through elections. The tragedy of democracy is that the majority is the least intelligent section of society.

Some are calling for MPs to have no outside interests. That risks developing a political class of professional MPs who have never had (or never will have) a real job and are divorced from reality. There are enough of that sort filling the Commons as it is.

I think it's time to engage in some wild speculation about the cause of the Duke of Edinburgh's poorly tummy; the news media seems to be obsessed with nothing but wild speculation, as if it were news. I suppose though that it is indeed the silly season in the news world.

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