Friday, 21 June 2013

Invisible Genetically Modified Pupils

The nights are drawing in - apparently.

There was a news item on the BBC website yesterday that alleged schools are letting down "invisible pupils". How the hell can schools support pupils they can't bloody well see? Idiots!

As for these GM nutters - on the one hand they say GM crops cross-breed with standard crops, then when the GM crops are made sterile, preventing cross-fertilisation, they accuse the large GM firms of holding farmers to ransom through having to buy new seed from them. I wish the buggers would make up their minds. It's not as if GM doesn't take place naturally - that's what evolution is; GM on a slower scale.

Was a bit startled to see a BBC website headline saying; "Big Breasts". On second reading I noticed it said "Big Beasts". Must be all this talk about internet porn - that and me being Dutch, and hence a drug-crazed pornographer.

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  1. Makes me chuckle that tree-hugging anti-GM'ers seem on the one hand to be advocating that we ignore the science on GM safety and yet on the other follow it on climate change - confirmation bias at it's worst!