Thursday, 27 June 2013

Legal Highs Overheard on the Phone

Living in the sales environment, the Chairman lives with the bane of chasing up an overdue debt and having to handle people who don't want to speak to him.

Ring, ring, ring, ring....

Secretary (on speakerphone): "Bonjour, with whom do you wish to speak?"

Chairman: "Could you put me through to Stephane please, I need to speak to him about an overdue debt?"

Phone goes to muzak for a minute.

Secretary: "I'm afraid he's in a meeting at the moment, can I ask who is calling?"

Hay (shouting): "Tell him it's his mother!"

Trying to get No.1 son addicted to a legal high - the high you get from passing exams. I was never so high as when I learned I'd passed my Master Mariner's Certificate of Competency - 12 years of hard slog.

Returning to traditional highs, it seems the grass at Wimbers isn't of the quality it used to be. Not as good as that available at Glasto, by all accounts.

They're cutting the policing budget round here. I have my own, personal plan to reduce it further - vigilantes, the stocks, and for particularly bad cases of recidivism, local lynching mobs. The country is going to the dogs - bugger, there I go again!

I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising bright spark starts selling software that prevents our own governments (the ones always going on about how they're there to serve us)  spying on us. The trite and unprovable excuse that they've foiled hundreds of terrorist attempts seems to excuse every conceivable action.


  1. This morning I sent off some emails to them. Asking them if they knew we the people of England ie. us English had a charity to help us. If you Sir Bill didn't know it's called.
    The Steadfast Trust no: 1105806
    it is set up to help the English(us) to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our unique heritage and identity. A sense of belonging to a community to promote confidence and self respect. To be proud of and be positive about the English Culture.

    My question is what has this country come to when I an English person need a Charity to help promote my culture in my our country. To top it all this charity is asking me a native of this country to donate money so their on my behalf promote my culture in my country LOL So yes... what is this country come too?

    1. English? You mean that amalgam of Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Angle, Jute, Norman and Huguenot?

      I couldn't possibly contribute, as I'm only half Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Angle and Jute (I don't think I have any Norman or Huguenot in me, thank God (those Frenchies, eh?)/