Thursday, 13 June 2013

Roman Noses of Foreign Policy

Looking at statues and busts of Romans, I'm convinced Romans all had the ends of their noses lopped off at birth.

You know all this furore in the US about this CIA whistleblower? Was listening to some US government personage castigating him for having put American lives at risk. This "putting American lives at risk" seems to be becoming an excuse for any nefarious activity. American lives are put at risk by American governments' foreign policy - nothing more and nothing less. Don't interfere in other countries and their people won't bother you.

I used to support foreign intervention (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.), but the lesson of the last couple of decades is that one is best keeping oneself to oneself. Interventionism simply makes life more difficult in the end and facilitates right-wing government at home who want to "protect us" by spying on us all.

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