Thursday, 20 June 2013

Hitler's Plantation Blinds

A report from a news website run by North Korean defectors says that senior officials were given Hitler’s Mein Kampf by North Korean leader, Baby Kim, on his birthday in January. North Korea has denounced the defectors as "human scum" and threatened to kill them. Just like Hitler then…

Managed to get one side of the house fitted with plantation blinds yesterday. There was a problem with the other side and the fitter has to return. The fitter had already been about a month ago and couldn't accomplish the fitting as he was on his todd and needed another body to hold the latter (H&S). By the time this is finished, we'll have waited about 4 months in total. They do look nice though.

On another tack, the guy who fabricated the cooker hood has made us a rather sturdy mobile island for the kitchen out of stainless. At £150 it's an absolute bargain. IKEA do a very flimsy version for £125.

Am so impressed with Stuart's work that I've commissioned him to fabricate a stainless steel centre-leaf for our dining table (we're temporarily using a sanded pallet).

Ungainly, but effective. Hay actually likes the pallet!

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