Friday, 23 January 2015

Americans & Obama?

A certain section of the American public is really strange and stupid.

Spotted something on Facebook from Fox News (which is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun) comparing Bush with Obama, and the comments from people in support of Bush and vociferously attacking Obama were incredulous and naive. The fact Bush was considered a buffoon in the rest of the world is lost on them.

While GDP is up, debt down and unemployment falling (which most economists, and sane people, will take as proof of an improving economy), the comments were overwhelmingly negative and saying the economy has been trashed by Obama (among other patently ludicrous charges).

Some Americans (especially right wing ones) never seem to allow facts to cloud their views, as demonstrated by the Fox News debacle.

Click the image below to blow it up and see some of the more outlandish Obama conspiracy theories emanating from the American right, many of which were repeated as fact on the Facebook comments.

Also try watching this (I can't embed it). OK, they may have been cherry-picked, but the comments are nevertheless unbelievable and demonstrate congenital stupidity on the part of people Obama's policies are helping - and these people have a vote.


  1. Whenever I am feeling sad, whenever I am feeling blue .... whenever I am feeling fed up with life in the UK, I listen to the podcast from the Mark Levin Show (you can Google it and get a download) and I suddenly feel as if I am living in a land of sanity again compared to the poor sods who have to listen to his drivel.