Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hipster Bike Loos in Amsterdam

Overheard on the plane to Amsterdam:

The Chairman went to the back of the plane to find the loo, but couldn't find it. He then went to the front of the plane, but there was no loo there. He returned to the back of the plane and found the loo. He then returns to his seat.

Hay: "So how come you didn't find the loo the first time you went back there?"

Chairman: "It was cunningly camouflaged behind a door."

They must have had an incident at Schiphol - this plane appears to have landed on the terminal buidling.

I'd like to see all religious people demonstrate their faith by not visiting Accident and Emergency or a doctor for the rest of their lives. Now that's a test of faith that I would respect.

Have constantly risked being scythed down by bikes here in Amsterdam. The Dutch just ride along dressed in business suits with nothing more protective than an umbrella and cycle clips, whereas the Brit has to be resplendent in the full regalia of dorky Lycra, protective headgear, obligatory TdF yellow jersey, special shoes that clip on to the pedals and a bike costing 3 or 4 grand.

Have you noticed how bikes are now a status symbol in the UK? Whereas you used ot be able to get a decent bike from Halford's for a couple of hundred quid, they now cost 10 times as much.

Now this is a bike I like:

Went past an art gallery opening yesterday. Lots of svelte, slim hipsters, glasses of white wine clutched in their paws, cooing appreciatively over pieces of coloured plastic. Looked a bit pseud to me.

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