Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ultimate Designer Shop

Overheard is the street in Amsterdam:

A woman is walking toward us wearing a cloche hat and one of those huge ladies' coats from between the wars - looking like a refugee from Downton Abbey.

Hay: "I've got one of those coats. Haven't worn it since...."

Chairman: "1922?"

Saw so many designer shops yesterday. I have a morbid desire to create the ultimate designer shop - would call it The Shop,  decorated in stark black and white, staffed by a bearded hipster with a withering sneer and having just a single, tiny item for sale, placed on a white plinth in the centre of the shop. Perhaps have some very expensive coffee served.

You wouldn't believe how popular the G Plan Danish Modern range of furniture is here, as a vintage design classic! Mind you, it's becoming pretty sought after in the UK too.

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