Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Contraceptive Sky Priority Mosaic Scenes

I hear the pope has been saying what popes are expected to say about contraception. I've always wondered whether the Catholic church is against artificial conception in the same manner as it is against artificial contraception.

Discovered how the municipal governments in Holland deal with abandoned bikes. They apparently go around putting stickers on what look like abandoned bikes, warning that the bikes will be removed within so many days if the bike is seen again with the sticker.

Coming back from Schiphol last night, I was rather amused by the fact that passengers who had paid 12 Euros for Sky Priority had bought themselves nothing more than the privilege of getting on the bus first at the gate. Naturally, if they are first on the bus, they are last off and consequently last on the plane. I'd be demanding for my money back.

Not sure about you, but from my photo collection, and what I've seen of the collections of others, it's apparent that while old fashioned paper photos were mainly of people, modern digital photos are preponderantly of scenes.

Stayed at a great little B&B in the heart of the Jordaan area of Amsterdam, comprising a self-contained ground-floor flat on one of the canals. The owners are Greet and Neils. Greet is a ceramicist and makes mosaics, having made some beautiful ones for the flat we stayed in.

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