Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Offensive Terms for Man-flu Pan Lids

Apparently Dominic Cumberbatch has been censured for using the term 'coloured' in reference to black people, as it's offensive in the USA. According to reports, he should have used the term 'black', which was highly offensive when I was younger.

At this rate, we'll need a weekly update of offensive terms so we can stay abreast of the rapidly changing, bandwagon world of offended people.

Man-flu alert! Been down with it since Friday and am struggling to make it to the computer. Is Man-flu an offensive term somewhere?

Handy little idea I picked up on from the internet on a Life Hack site.

Saves you having to dig around in cupboards for wayward pan lids.


  1. Put your lids back on their pots upside down and you could stack your pots...

    1. But taking up twice to 3 times the cupboard space. Used to do that, but it was a nightmare, especially as one lid can fit a number of unrelated pans.