Monday, 12 January 2015

Chairman's Detox in Birmingham

Now the holiday season is over, just like all the Sunday magazines, I will provide you with a detox diet. 

Now the human body has its own detox mechanism and is perfectly tuned by evolution to get rid of toxins entirely by itself. However, occasionally even evolution needs a little help, and I recommend  a handful of Senokot tablets. That should speed nature up a bit.

Detox diets - self-delusional nonsense!

An American has apologised after describing Birmingham as a Muslim city where whites don't venture. He then compounded his mistake by saying he would be issuing an apology on his website for "this comment about the beautiful city of Birmingham". Birmingham - beautiful? It's obvious he's never been there in his life! He obviously meant Bradford...


  1. It says "contains natural rhythm"; I guess that means they're homoeopathic, i.e. contains infinitesimally small traces of Bob Marley :)

    1. Ceasar is homeopathically with us still....