Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dead Photoshopped One-Pot Labour

It's about time FaceBook did something about its dead subscribers. I keep getting notifications of FaceBook friends who I know have been dead for quite a while. FaceBook, and the internet in general, has become a kind of immortality.

The internet is a great democratising agent, yet I can't help but think that some people just shouldn't be heard. Pre-internet they wouldn't have, but now every Tom, Dick or Harry in a rage or with hateful thoughts has a platform (including me).

Overheard While Discussing Dinner:

Hay: "What are you cooking tonight?"

Chairman: "I already told you, one-pot chicken."

Hay: "Yes, but there are thousands of ways of doing a one-pot  how are you going to make it?"

Chairman: "Everything in one pot!"

Saw this advert yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes:

Surely Photoshop is more than £5? Or is her trick like that a lot of people on dating sites employ - just use a very old photo?

Gone right off Labour. Heard one of their child MPs moaning that the NHS's record on waiting time targets are the worst since records began. The phrase "since records began" is designed to be misleading and make you think the data goes back to when the NHS was created. No, waiting time monitoring only started in 1992, but it was acknowledged that the metrics were meaningless for comparison. Thus new methods were introduced in 2004 (and targets set), only to be revised yet again in 2008.

Just goes to show you can't take anything an MP says at face value. I don't think the Lib Dems will ever get power in their own right, but my vote will go to them in the hope that are part of a coalition and can curb the more harebrained excesses of either Labour or Conservative.

Talking of waiting lists - we're just getting older (and hence iller) as a nation, and stupider (for not understanding the concept of accidents or emergencies and going to hospitals for a cold). A £10 fee per visit is surely the only way to educate people about when to visit hospitals and deter the time wasters?

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