Saturday, 10 January 2015

Offending Believers Having Sex in Russia

As an addendum to yesterday's post: religion should teach the believer himself how to behave, not how other people should behave or how the believer should behave toward people who don't share the believer's belief system.

Last word on the Ched Evans case. I heard Gordon Taylor's interview where he was accused of offending Hillsborough families by comparing the Evans case with the Hillsborough case. Taylor had compared the cases only inasmuch as there was a miscarriage of justice in one, and a possible miscarriage in the other - nothing wrong with that and only a cretin would think otherwise. Also, I don't think any Hillsborough families actually complained - just a lawyer who happens to be involved, and lawyers have other agendas. Taylor was manipulated by the interviewer into giving an apology for something that in my opinion he didn't need to apologise for in the first place - and even the apology has been blown out of proportion to become major news. However, I guess he thought that discretion was the better part of valour in this case.

It's surprising how many people get offended on behalf of other people, who probably weren't offended anyway.

Saw a headline on the BBC website yesterday that read; "Russia says drivers must not have sex". Fair enough, I thought - certainly not while driving. Could cause all manner of accidents and be worse than texting. Then I spotted the word "disorders" on the next line. Russia is becoming a police state as bad as the bad old days of communism. They'll be gassing homosexuals next as a threat to road safety. I wonder whether Putin will have his driving licence taken away for posing base chested on horseback in a very homoerotic pose.

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