Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Lock Up The Youth of Today

I was in Tesco and Argos on Saturday with No.1 Son and thought I'd have a go at remotely switching off the serried ranks of Samsung TVs with my Samsung TV remote phone App, confusing the hell out of the shop assistants. No.1 Son told me to stop being so silly and embarrassing. My God - it was like being out with my dad! Today's youth just have no sense of humour.

Here's the latest addition to the house, on the kitchen back-door, a digital lock:

I can't understand why more people don't use these digital locks as standard. I just need to share the code with anyone I care to, without having to give them a physical key. I can change the combination whenever I like.

My mate Dave from the Chipping Sodbury Yacht Club fitted it for me yesterday. He also changed all the tumblers on the other key operated external door locks so they all work on the same key, which again seems a sensible move. He additionally gave me the tumbler numbers in case I ever I get locked out - if you know the tumbler numbers you can get a locksmith to cut a key and not have to break in if you lock yourself out (which isn't really possible with the digital lock, unless I get dementia).

He told me never to use a Chubb or Yale lock, as these were the most common, and therefore the ones thieves focus on when learning to pick a lock.


  1. Probably don't all get digital locks because we don't all know such handy Dave's.

    1. Grammar Nazi Alert!

      Aberrant Apostrophe!

    2. I claim freedom of speech (mark)!