Thursday, 1 January 2015

Overheard in the Charity Shop

Overheard at the charity shop:

Chairman (from the changing cubicle): "No, these trousers are far too short."

Hay (too loudly for my liking): "Now don't forget to put your clothes on before you come out - remember what happened last time."

Perry is Hay's sister's partner. Perry's mum sent Hay's dad a Christmas card. Now Perry's mum, bless her, has dementia and tends to forget things. In this case she forgot that Hay's mum, Sylvia, died a couple of years ago and Hay's dad now has a new girlfriend called Barbara. She did remember at the last moment though and made the correction in a somewhat unique manner.

Luckily Hay's dad saw the funny side, as did we. Perry was mortified.

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