Thursday, 29 January 2015

Decanting II

After much fiddling around, using just about every tool in my possession and a lot of time, the conversion of the apothecary bottles to decanters is complete.

LIQ. SACCH. UST is apparently burnt sugar, water and chloroform and was used for colouring elixirs. It's now gin.

ACID. HYDROCHLOR. DIL. is what it says, and is now scotch. Here are some of its uses (the acid, not scotch, although I'm sure some scotches would perform as well, if not better).

  1. To ‘pickle’ steel. This is a process whereby rust and scale is removed from steel sheet or coil with the use of a dilute solution of Hydrochloric Acid. The metal can then be processed.
  2. To manufacture organic compounds such as Vinyl Chloride and Dichloroethane which are used to produce PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).
  3. To regulate the pH level in a wide range of manufacturing and treatment processes, including the production of drinking water, pharmaceuticals, beverages and foods.
  4. In the processing of additives for the food industry including fructose, citric acid and hydrolyzed vegetable protein.
  5. To produce inorganic compounds for water treatment including drinking water and waste water.
  6. To neutralise the water in swimming pools making it safe for bathers.
  7. To regenerate ion exchangers.
  8. To process leathers in the tanning industry.
  9. To purify common salt.
  10. In North Sea oil production where it is used to facilitate oil well acidizing.
Perhaps, given the caramel in the LIQ. SACCH. UST. I should have used that one for the scotch.

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