Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Bread, Circuses and Christmas TV

Prime time Christmas Eve TV on Channel 4 and what are we presented with? - an hour of bloody Jamie Oliver showing you how to cook your Christmas dinner. A bit damned late if you haven't got it organised by then! 

The promise was that more TV channels would give us more choice. The only problem is that choice is between dire TV and absolutely abysmal TV, especially on the channels funded by advertising. The same advertising budget is now spread among a plethora of TV stations, leading them all to chase the lowest common denominator - programmes that are cheap to make and appeal to the terminally dull and the brain dead for whom the apogee of aspiration is for their children to appear on X Factor. Most would be perfectly happy being entertained by the old BBC transmission test card. It's said the UK population is being dumbed down - it's been lobotomised!

It's not interesting, it's not informative and it certainly isn't entertaining. Bread and circuses - although even that reference would be lost on most TV watchers. If there's one, cogent argument for keeping the UK TV licence fee, it's commercial TV. In fact, there's an argument for a national newspaper licence to fund a decent newspaper that reports news, rather than celebrity gossip.


  1. Ah the wonders of the off switch to be explored at length! :-)

  2. That reminds me to re, re,... re watch Gladiator.