Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Crusading Van Bergens of Old Sodbury

I detest The Sound of Music, but for some inexplicable reason Hay decided to watch the true story of the Von Trapp family on TV yesterday, and what a bunch of screw-ups they were. Maria Von Trapp was a domineering, religious fanatic with a Messiah complex who destroyed the lives of her kids. Got me thinking if I could get my kids together and reform the Singing Van Bergen Family of Old Sodbury. Perhaps not.

Hay happened to video me while I was watching the programme with focused attention. You have to turn up the sound to hear the programme.

We watched the Carols from Kings Bollege Bambridge yesterday. We were wondering what happens to the boy sopranos when their voices drop. I suppose they give them a dog and a few copies of the Big Issue and send then out on the streets.

Reading what Justin Welby and the Pope have been saying about ISIS, I wonder if another crusade is in the offing. Herod was much misunderstood - how would you react if you were told you were going to be deposed by a toddler?

Someone has come up with a theory that Putin was behind the bombing of the Russian jet so as to justify hitting Syria hard. I wouldn't put it past him - it's a bit like the theory that the Daily Mail was behind the Tunisia and Sharm attacks to bring down the price of holidays.

Christmas is such a wonderful time. Just going into the new temples is a joyous experience; the vaulted gothic ceilings of Tesco, the Romanesque Lidl aisles and the Rococo beauty of a Sainsbury's checkout. If only Buonarotti was a live today to decorate them.

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  1. Thought for a moment that that was a chanter in your hand and you were in bagpiper idling mode... ;)
    Best wishes for 2016.