Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Syrian Bombing of Zenda

Decision day on the bombing of Syria.

I do hope the MPs consider this carefully. Personally, and for reasons I've articulated before, I'm against it. For the purpose of clarity I'll reiterate them:

  1. Bombing is indiscriminate - civilians will die as a result. Anyone who nay-says that is not on the same planet.
  2. Bombing on its own will achieve nothing lasting - that requires boots on the ground and there seem to be no plans for that, or indeed anything else. 
Consequently, the bombing proposal smacks more of knee-jerk revenge and populism than part of a calculated strategy and will definitely make the UK a target for some reprisal on the part of ISIS as well as making things worse in Syria.

Additionally I keep imagining this conversation between David Cameron and a Syrian citizen (not one affiliated to ISIS).

Cameron: "We're going to help you by bombing the shit out of your country."

Syrian: "But that means I risk being killed by your bombs. Can I come to your country while you're doing this?"

Cameron: "No!"

Just finished reading the books 'The Prisoner of Zenda' and 'Rupert of Hentzau' by Anthony Hope. What ripping yarns from the old tradition. Loved every minute of them and recommend them to anyone. Got them in a Readers' Digest anthology from eBay for £6. Perfect for a BBC costume drama series.


  1. Boots on the ground required... I find the BS related to the "our soldiers may get killed" simply annoying... Why did the sign up to the military in any branch.. because its an easy job and out of harms way.. reasonably good money, three a day and a cover over your head at night... or was it because they wanted to fight for queen and country.. Joining the military has to have a risk.. ask the people who died in two world wars on any side... Its all political BS if you ask me

  2. Have just heard Hillary Benn speak in Parliament. I don't agree with his politics but he gave a great speech and I suppose he learnt this by listening at his father's knee.

    1. Or some other low joint.
      A.L. 1 Hilary