Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Fat Olympic Kitty

Kitty went to the vet on Saturday for her annual worming (it's prescription only and this necessitated a face-to-face) and was found to be a bit obese - something I've been saying for months but about which Hay has been in denial. This called for a new dietary regime - the vet advocated reducing the amount of meat-based cat food and supplementing it with guinea-pig food, which is predominantly bulk, claiming the benefits of its success with other moggies.

It was my turn to feed her yesterday and when she came to me miaowing at lunchtime I dutifully offered her a handful of guinea-pig crunchies. Her look was priceless - it was as if she was saying; "This crap doesn't fool me one bit, I'm not a guinea-pig, where's my bloody meat?" Needless to say, she never touched it.

The Chairman hears that the Old Sodbury Parish Council has followed Hamburg's lead and said 'No' to the 2024 Olympics. Can't say I blame them.

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