Monday, 21 December 2015

Crowdfunded Rivers of Tree

Hay decided to to the "tree" over the weekend using her upcycled eBay mannequin that's been languishing upstairs for a couple of years (thanks for the concept, Lizzie Huxtable. Lizzie is the wife of an old school friend from the late 60s).

Bits from an old, fake Christmas tree (I would have preferred some real tree fronds, but it's an austerity Christmas this year), some lights, a few peacock feathers, droplets from an old chandelier, some baubles and some of Hay's clothing.

Here's the build process from Saturday to Sunday:

Then yesterday she deconstructed it and did a rebuild, replacing the pashmina with some red velvet:

I wonder if we can get crowdfunding for next year's Christmas?

It's my turn next year, so I'll try to come up with a concept based on the old rotovator...

We went out to dinner on Saturday night. The couple at the next table had brought their four children; one was called Shannon (another was called Mallory). I wonder why people name their kids after rivers but seem to avoid perfectly nice names like Parrett, Mersey, Ribble or Ouse.

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