Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Definitions of Train Timetabling

I was listening with half an ear to the radio yesterday morning when there was a discussion on terrorism in the light of the Leytonstone knifing. The discussion centred on whether it was an act or terrorism, a hate crime or a knife crime.

Terrorism is a difficult thing to define; it's a bit like art - we all recognise it, but it generally defies accurate definition, as one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter.

I've heard it described as 'the use of violence in achieving a political objective', which sounds a lot like Clausewitz's definition of war - a continuation of politics by other means. You could add the tag, 'within the context of a democratically elected government', but then what about violence against the population of a totalitarian regime, whether it be by that totalitarian regime itself or a subsection of the population against the rest of the population, who themselves are powerless to effect change?

I've thought of a new definition for the pursuit of power through a cynical appeal to the lowest common denominator: Trumping. I can't believe Donald Trump is a stupid man; what he is is an arch manipulator - a demagogue. Some people are easily led and you only have to read the comments sections of the on-line version of the Daily Mail to realise that.

Tyson Fury (yes, it's actually his real name); should he be deleted as a BBC Sports Personality of the Year list? It's a bit offering Hitler a prize for making the trains run on time.

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