Friday, 11 December 2015

Early Christmas Present for Katie

I've changed by mind about Donald Trump - he really is stupid. I heard he called Katie Hopkins a 'respected columnist'.

A year ago I purchased a WWII Spitfire Griffon engine rocker cover. It was in a pretty bad state and actually contained body filler to give the impression of it being in a reasonable condition - the filler was hidden under paint. I din't have much hope of being able to restore it.

I took it to the guy who fabricated our humungous cooker hood (and a few other stainless steel objects around the house) to see what he could do with it. It's taken him a year (in between his proper jobs) and this is the result:

It's by no means perfect and is pitted all over, but it's good enough for me as a decorative piece for the house.

Being made of aluminium there was no practical way of him smoothing out the pitting without the possibility of ruining it completely. Added to that, oil had seeped deep into the pitting, making it difficult to get paint to adhere without bubbling in places when in the oven. Anyway, he persevered with a powder coating. He was somewhat embarrassed about charging me for the work due to it taking so long and not being perfect, but we'd agreed on £50 and so that's what I paid him. Well worth the result, if you ask me.

Now to mount it on a nice piece of oak and find a suitable space for it on the wall somewhere.

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