Thursday, 17 December 2015

Short, Honest John

Still in my shorts. It's increasingly looking like rig of the day at Christmas will be shorts too.

I listened to John Major talking about Europe and the referendum yesterday. At last a voice or reason from a politician. I always liked and respected John Major, but he was ill served by those around him. He's one of the few people you could call an honest politician.

Screaming, tantruming kids in supermarkets. Give their mums a break this Christmas - you never know, they may just be trying the 'ignore strategy' in the hope the kid gives up.


  1. Not 'Go to work on an egg, back to basics' John Major?!!:-)

  2. One of the photgraphs of him that were 'issued' to Conservative offices and Clubs showed the PM with his trouser waistband held together with a paperclip. I've always thought him to be a nice man.

  3. John Major one of the better sort of Tories. If there is one - he is it !