Sunday, 27 December 2015


Overheard at Hay's dad's:

Hay: "Research has shown that a brisk walk every day extends your life by seven years."

Hay's Dada: "Not if you choose to do it on the M4."

Made it to today in shorts with yesterday being particularly balmy. People in the local shopping centre looked at me as if I was an escaped lunatic.

Champagne, indeed any sparkling white wine normally disagrees with me and therefore I steer well clear of it. On Christmas Day I was persuaded to partake of a glass of Bucks Fizz at breakfast and within 30 minutes I regretted it. It felt like someone had inflated a balloon just under my ribs and it lasted well into the afternoon. A glass of Andrews before Christmas dinner, several burps and quite a few botty burps neutralised the effect, but the residue of the wind, mixed with the aroma of decomposing sprouts in my gut, plagued the assembled guests for the rest of the day.

Lesson learned - no more champagne for me. Told Hay to slap me if ever she sees me drinking the disgusting stuff again.

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  1. Avoid too the Sprouts or if they are a must have ? Suggest you round off the meal with one thimble of Green Chartreuse .