Thursday, 24 December 2015

Pass the Rover Parcel - Hic

Hay's dad's forte is not parcel wrapping. He adheres to the utility theory of wrapping; if it's going to be thrown away anyway, then why bother making it all fancy?

The news has been filled the last couple of days with stories about an upsurge in cases of alcoholic poisoning, but there seems no effort on the part of our government in finding out who the hell is putting this poison in our alcohol, especially with it being Christmas and so many of us about to partake of this particular medicine. Could it be an ISIS plot?

We were watching an old episode of Endeavour last night, which had a 1960s Rover P6 police car. Now did the police have the 2000TC or the 3.5L Buick V8? I strongly suspect the latter (makes more sense in a police car), but I can't find a definitive answer.

Just in case I run out of thoughts tomorrow, a Merry Brianmas and a Happy New Year to all those with not enough to do (and hence reading this drivel - possibly while sat in their office and watching the clock).

A parting thought - if Buddhists are so enlightened, why has there never been a female Dalai Lama?


  1. She was not attractive enough to be chosen as the Dalaie Lamae.
    Happy Christmas to you.

    1. A new TV programme idea - the B Factor?

  2. Exactly right on the office-clock thing.. Very best wishes to you and yours, may the force be with you all... :)