Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Sunday Curate's Egg

I remembered where I'd put the champagne - in a plastic bucket in the garage.

Overheard Yesterday:

Hay: "How's your book going?"

Chairman: "Alexander the Great has just died 10 days after several massive drinking bouts, no clear successor, a 3 year old bastard child by his mistress and his wife has six months to go before giving birth to a legitimate child."

Hay: "I know little of Alexander the Great, but you can see where it's all headed and it's not going to end well if you ask me - military factions based around generals, coups d'├ętat, civil wars, the Empire split and all Alexander's kids eventually topped - it's a Shakespeare plot, or Eastenders."

Talking of Empires - it's getting more complex in Syria and I forecast Normandy getting involved by claiming the Principality of Antioch.

A few interesting images I found posted on Facebook:

What a line-up! Nearly everyone you'd want to see. Wish I'd been there instead of at school in Anglesey.

I know someone like that - so does Hay.

A beautiful Ferrari. Couldn't go without a mention.


I'm heartily sick of seeing these images of crippled kids on Facebook with exhortations to either share or say Amen. If you take the trouble to look at where these posts originate, it's invariably very young narcissists who plaster their Facebook pages with selfies and have two to three thousand 'friends'. They seem to do nothing but share these harrowing images of kids who they almost certainly don't know (unless they happen to work in a very large children's hospital - which makes it worse), never mind about not having permission to share these kids' images. Sharing them achieves nothing for the kids in the images - it's like seeing an image of a cancer patient on the news with no commentary. It's just a cynical attempt to boost their own page ratings to attract a following - and what amazes me is that people fall for it, albeit through the best of motives. Narcissism is OK, but feeding it by blatantly capitalising on misplaced empathy is wrong on every level. 

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