Sunday, 7 February 2016

Hand Flying Candid Camera Pop Stars

Who, as an adult, has never held their arm out of a car window as a passenger and flown their arm in the wind, angling the hand's angle of attack to keep the arm airborne?

Returning briefly to the ecumenical advert family I wrote about yesterday. In the advertisers' aim to show the racial diversity of the UK and to mollify the professional racial offence-taker, they've created a family (one black parent and one white) that is probably the least representative of the average family within the UK. The black father should himself perhaps be the child of a mixed marriage and the mother should have some Asian in her. A mixed Chinese step-child could complete the picture. Still wouldn't be typical though - certainly not in Old Sodbury where you can't move for white faces.

Hayley cruelly took a clandestine photo of me using the Bed Ghost method of putting the duvet cover on:

Regarding the recent slew of rock and popstar deaths - the number of stars exploded (if you'll forgive the pun) in the early to mid 60s - we'd reached peak global popstar - and therefore it was a foregone conclusion that the numbers dying would commensurately increase around now. Another 10 years and we should reach peak popstar deaths. They additionally had a greater cultural impact and legacy than the here-today-gone-tomorrow stars of today who tend to be more parochial in their appeal and less prolific, so we can expect the popstar death announcements to peter out after about 10 years from now.

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