Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Staff of Public Life on the Dark Side of the Moon

Something I learned yesterday - there are 33,000 EU civil servants (the massive, unelected bureaucracy we're always told about), whereas there are 80,000 (unelected) civil servants working for HM Revenue and Customs. Given the population of the EU, I'd say that's pretty efficient.

Strange music heard on the dark side of the moon? Answer's pretty obvious - Pink Floyd.

On behalf of all Dutch people I must apologise for Tiger Bread. It apparently first appeared in the Netherlands in the 1970s and is now ubiquitous. The thing is, it looks more like giraffe than tiger. What taxonomic ignoramus ever decided to call it Tiger Bread is beyond me.

Some versions could feasibly get away with being called Leopard Bread, but certainly not Tiger Bread.

Talking of bread, I was in Marks and Spencer the other day waiting for Hay and decided to engage the girl on the bakery counter in a conversation about sourdough recipes. She didn't have a clue - to call their in-store bakery a bakery is a travesty; the damned stuff is shipped in ready for just bunging in the ovens and the staff dressed as bakers are as knowledgeable of panemology as I am of contact juggling...

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  1. Can't spell giraf or lepard, but Tiger was a friend of Pooh. (Or was is Tigger?)