Wednesday, 3 February 2016

BBC News


Chairman: "You were snoring last night."

Hay: "I was purring."

Have you noticed how the BBC news website's 'Most Popular' section is becoming increasingly like reading Facebook or Hello Magazine? I guess it's as a result of other news outlets resorting to charging for their output, so everyone gathers around the BBC now to read celebrity gossip.

Men aged 45 to 59 most fed up with life, a headline says. I wonder if there's a correlation with that age spread and living with children when they become teenagers?

On the TV news there was a story about an American ex-graffiti artist, KAWS, who was commissioned to put 6 metre high, wooden cartoon characters into a Yorkshire landscape. One of the arty-farty brigade responsible for commissioning these cartoon characters said; "He challenges the landscape, which is what we want." A coalmine challenges the landscape; a landfill site also challenges the landscape. Challenging the landscape is not necessarily good. It's another term for a bloody eyesore. I suppose one saving grace is that the landscape in question is a 'sculpture park' within an estate. The sad things is that they are juxtaposed with sculptures by Hepworth and Moore, which harmonise with the landscape. For some typical art-bollocks-speak about the exhibition and KAWS, click here.

Everyone is talking about David Cameron's EU concessions like they're a done deal. He came back waving a piece of paper - somewhat reminiscent of another Prime Minister from history. This deal has to be voted on yet, for heaven's sake!

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