Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Memories of the Frome

Getting worried:
  1. Walked into Yate in the pouring rain yesterday for what I had down as an 8:40 appointment for a spirometry test. The receptionist said the appointment was in March, not February.
  2. On the way home I bought some lamb and apricot pies and three faggots from Artingstall's the butcher. Called in at a charity shop and promptly left the carrier bag of food in the shop. Realised it when I got home and went back in the car for it - they thought it was a donation.
  3. Got back home again and made myself an espresso to get over the trauma, then left it while I took my coat off and promptly forgot all about it. Found it stone cold half an hour later.
Anyway, took a few shots of the River Frome (normally a placid brook) in full spate on the way back from Yate:

Hay wants to kayak the Frome from its source hereabouts all the way to Tesco, shooting the Waitrose rapids in the process. I think it's just about at the right level for some big-game fishing...


  1. Shooting rapids Full spate Don't you just love the English language?

    1. Not forgetting Waitrose and Tesco. Beautifully evocative words...