Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Trouser of Cauliflower Rice

Hay has taken to making the most God awful stuff - cauliflower rice. It may well be good for you and be all the rage, but to me it smells like raw sewage and stinks the house out. Please do not try making this at home....

After coming a very close second in the previous Village Quiz Night (we only lost because we misunderstood the use of the Joker), last night we crashed and burned down to 9th place due to the music round being mangled by the question master into a Match the Music to a Film round. The options for the Joker were geography (my speciality) or music (Hay's speciality) and we played it on the music round. Hay knew every tune, the artist, the album and the year, but not the film it was used on. Needless to say, the music round was our worst scoring round as we're not film buffs. Should have played it on the food round, where we got every question correct.

At least we discovered in the general knowledge section that the collective noun for a bunch of ferrets is a 'business' - not a 'trouser', as Hay and Christine (our neighbour) suggested.

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