Thursday, 18 February 2016


Renaissance - French word, Italian movement (allegedly). Why use a French word for something indelibly associated with Florence and Rome? I guess Renascita doesn't have the same ring to it and sounds more like something you'd do in the loo.

Overheard while watching Waldemar Wossisface's (you know who I mean - fat blob who dresses in black and wobbles rather than walks) BBC programme on the Renaissance:

Hay: "The people in Flemish paintings never look happy. Mrs and Mrs Arnolfini look positively glum."

Chairman: "I'm sure the long-lost Arnolfini Divorce is languishing in someone's attic waiting to be rediscovered."

Hay: "I always think Mrs Arnolfini looks pregnant."

Chairman: "Shotgun wedding?"

I always find Renaissance images of babies rather strange, they look more like perfectly scaled down adults rather than the Jelly Baby misshapes they actually are.

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  1. Perhaps the painting was a wedding pressie and it took J v E eight months to get a sitting in his busy schedule.